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  • Pure Flake Extra | 120LQuick View
  • Supadry | 120LQuick View
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      Supadry | 120LQuick View
    • Supadry | 120L

    • £7.30
    • Small flake white woodshavings and soft woodfibre mix, Dust extracted, Provides a soft and comfortable bed, Excellent value, Long lasting
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  • Bedmax Hotmax (20kg)Quick View
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      Bedmax Hotmax (20kg)Quick View
    • Bedmax Hotmax (20kg)

    • £7.50
    • Completely natural fuel for log burning stoves etc, Made from dust and wood chips, Environmentally sustainable source of heat, High energy fuel, Very environmentally friendly, Burns at high temperature Hotmax is the ideal burning fuel, it is also very environmentally friendly. It burns at high temperatures and produces high amounts of heat. Hotmax produces low emissions, and the small amount…
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  • Easibed (20kg)Quick View
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      Easibed (20kg)Quick View
    • Easibed (20kg)

    • £8.00
    • Easibed Wood Bedding is a popular choice of bedding for horses and other animals and livestock. Brought to you from one of the UK's leading suppliers of alternative animal bedding, easibed is a break through in dust free wood fibre equine bedding. Made from clean and carefully selected recycled whitewood fibre, easibed provides a comfortable, free-draining and economical bed for…
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  • Pure Flake Premium | 120LQuick View
  • Bedmax | 20kgQuick View
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      Bedmax | 20kgQuick View
    • Bedmax | 20kg

    • £8.50
    • BEDMAX shavings are made from predominantly pine timber because there is extensive scientific evidence that pine may help safeguard your horses health and welfare in the stable. It adds an extra dimension of natural hygienic protection in the stable but without costing any extra. Made from larger flakes to ensure the bedding is deep and does not compact as easily…
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  • Pure Green Flax | 120LQuick View
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      Pure Green Flax | 120LQuick View
    • Pure Green Flax | 120L

    • £10.50
    • Pure green flax horse bedding is very economical and has a neutral pH value. It is highly absorbent and the airflow dust is extracted and very clean. Supplied in compact 120 litre bales.
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