Bedmax Hotmax (20kg)

  • Completely natural fuel for log burning stoves etc,
  • Made from dust and wood chips,
  • Environmentally sustainable source of heat,
  • High energy fuel,
  • Very environmentally friendly,
  • Burns at high temperature

Hotmax is the ideal burning fuel, it is also very environmentally friendly. It burns at high temperatures and produces high amounts of heat. Hotmax produces low emissions, and the small amount of ash these briquettes leave can be composted or used to enrich your garden soil.

Hotmax is a high energy fuel and it is recommend that you use Hotmax sparingly until you are familiar with its performance. If you add too much to your fire initially, it may generate enough heat to damage your fire, woodburner or stove, or its surroundings!

Each bag weighs 20kg


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Bedmax Hotmax (20kg)