Dengie Hi-Fi Senior High-Fibre (15kg)

Dengie Hi-Fi Senior is an easy to chew, highly digestible fibre feed suitable for all horses and ponies, particularly those with poor teeth.

  • A blend of soft grass and nutrient rich alfalfa
  • Wth a light molasses and oil coating
  • Highly digestible fibre for optimal digestive health

Hi-Fi Senior can be used as a hay replacer for performance horses, those with respiratory problems or horses who can no longer chew the longer length of hay or haylage. The short chop and soft grass make it easier to chew. Soaked Alfa-Beet can be added for extra calories and weight gain

If using as a hay replacer, simply replace the weight of hay with the same weight of Hi-Fi Senior or feed ad-lib. With an energy level comparable to very good quality hay, Hi-Fi Senior can improve the feed value of the ration, helping poor do-ers to gain weight


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Dengie Hi-Fi Senior High-Fibre (15kg)