Henry's All Purpose Mix Cattle & Sheep Mix

A high quality, palatable and highly nutritious mix, designed to be fed to cattle and sheep of all ages for good health and performance. 

The product is nutritionally balanced to provide the required levels of energy and protein, together with essential minerals and vitamins for optimum health.

Feeding levels will depend on the type of animal and the performance required. However the following can be used as guidelines:

          Ewes                                          Lambs                                                    Calves                               Rearing Cattle                    Finishing Cattle
0.25kg to 1kg/hd/day | 0.25kg to 1kg /hd/day (as they grow) | Feed up to 1-2kg/hd/day | Feed up to 2-4kg/hd/day | Feed up to ad lib/hd/day


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Henry's All Purpose Mix Cattle & Sheep Mix