Keyflow Mark Todd Maestro (15kg)

Keyflow Mark Todd Maestro is a scientifically formulated fully balanced complementary feed for horses and ponies in medium to hard work.

  • Using only the highest quality ingredients, Maestro is manufactured to exacting standards to produce a super premium, highly digestible, low-intake product
  • Superior digestibility is achieved through the combined use of advanced feed technologies including wet steam extrusion and micronisation
  • This ultra-high digestibility, along with a high oil content, ensures the delivery of on-demand energy in a cool form
  • Maestro contains Protexin® for essential gut health and efficient feed utilisation
  • Protexin® In Feed Formula is a premium probiotic specifically formulated for horses
  • Protexin® is a brand associated with the highest quality and assurances guaranteeing stability and efficacy
  • Protexin® ensures the stabilisation and maintenance of a beneficial microflora within the hindgut of all horses and ponies which in turn supports their feed utilisation, health and temperament


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Keyflow Mark Todd Maestro (15kg)

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