Layers Pellets With Verm X (20kg)

Layers Pellets With Verm-X are an effective method to rid intestional parasites naturally.

  • Offers protection against intestinal parasites in your chickens
  • Complete feed for poultry with the added benefit of the award winning Verm-X Herbal Pellets
  • Contains a blend of 11 herbs that are gentle on the gut and aid digestion in your chickens
  • An effective solution to internal parasites in chickens and being 100% herbal you can continue to eat the eggs whilst it is being fed
  • The support given by Verm-X will also help prevent any unnatural drop in egg production, weak shells and pale yolks
  • Feed these Range Pellets with Verm-X every day for continued protection


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Layers Pellets With Verm X (20kg)

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